Monday, May 30, 2011

Mudslide closed road from Atkinson Flats

I've had lots of people ask me about when they can get up here into the trails and camping so figured it would be easier this way to tell you what's happening during the melt-out.

These photos are the narrow bridge just north of the 2nd snow gate , just N of Atkinson Flats CG. Because of heavy rains in Jan this yr on top of fresh POW the water cut many new channels and several cut across the road and down the other side, this is almost 400 yds long
N->S and a real mess. These photos were taken 2 weeks ago and there was still snow under the dirt and mud. The owner's step son climbed the hill and diverted the water back into the creek just after these
photos were taken instead of running across and along the road under the snow the heaviest flow is on the wrong side of the road and cut an 18"x 48 trough at the bridge and a long the road, just not as deep.

We've contacted the FS road manager and were told it would be late June before anything would be done to repair, but they have no money and could possibly close the road for the season. I've been talking to some friends with equipment, or if I can get a Bobcat can at least make it passable but it will still be another couple of weeks before even the first gate will be opened because of the amount of snow still on the road N of Fenner CK the first CG after the pavement ends co currently both gates are
locked to keep people from getting stuck or having the road destroyed.

For all of you hiker's and campers who enjoy coming up this direction because of the great hiking and camping places might want to contact the Leavenworth office of Wenatchee Forest and tell them how important being able to access the areas past Atkinson Flats is to you, and ask when the road might be opened, their attitude is it's not accessed that often and might not be worth opening up...just a thought.

I'll keep this information coming to show progress or lack of it and whether or not you can get to your favorite spot in the mountains...

Happy Memorial Day Y'all Peace
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mid April and 8" of POWder

Good Morning it's 23 degrees and overnight we got 8" of fresh POWder so hope you haven't put away those skis or sleds just yet...Today is a great POWder day so get out and enjoy it and I'll write ya a note if ya need one...Winter is still hanging on just a little more...Peace

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Winter isn't over just yet...

After the last couple of weeks being pretty wet and warm it finally got a little cooler and yesterday it snowed all day but no real accumulation because of rain in the middle of it, we woke up this morning to 7" of new POW, covering everything all the trees and filling in the holes and tracks that had become prominent with the warmer wetter days...So don't put those sleds and skis away just yet, winter is still trying to hang on a little longer, get out and enjoy it...Peace

Saturday, March 19, 2011

5" of Almost Pow

Good Morning it's 31 degrees and we did get 5" of sorta Pow, not so dry you can't make a snowball because you can but not as sopping wet as last weekend when you were pushing more snow that you were leaving behind, very wet and sloppy.  If anyone is heading out towards Trinity today I sure could use some 1/2n1/2 and a pack of cigs Camel or Winston, I'll gladly pay you when you get here...Everything looks so much prettier today that it did yesterday after all the snow fell off the trees, at least it's back...Get out and enjoy it and the snow should be fairly stable but be safe if riding in unfamiliar areas...It is punchy in places... As always Chocolate ice cream is always appreciated...Peace

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7" of Wet Snow in last 2 days

It seem like we have gotten ourselves in a convergence zone here with nights staying between 32- 34 and days warming up to almost 40, the snow turns to rain and makes things punchy and sloppy, not much fun to have to go anywhere in for sure...with all of the wet snow it's packing it down and we are at 104" at the sno-tel site and looks like it been knocked offline also...gonna have to make my way up there and see what is happening probably wet snow on the antenna which has been playing havoc here with the satellite also, the dish can handle over a 1 of POW and still function but it only takes about .25" of slush or frozen ice to block off the satellite dish which has been happening lots lately...Be careful out there and do the snow dance we don't need anymore rain...Peace

Sunday, March 13, 2011

1" of Snow...

Well it's snowing now and snowed most of the day yesterday but only 1" accumulated where I measure anyway but it could be a couple more it's just sorta wet but still snowing now.  The road has been used and there is a trail that it seems most stay in making walls on the sides which is actually where it is smoother to ride, they have not yet groomed and I heard that they might be done for the season, but I haven't officially heard that from the groomers yet.  If anyone is going riding today out this direction I could use some 1/2n1/2 and any mail that might be at Midway, but if not no biggy and can't say I'd blame anyone...Just be safe out there as this is still some unstable snow, know where you are playing...Peace

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2" of Wetter Snow

Well it's 32 degrees and we got a whopping 2" of wetter snow since yesterday, it is helping the snow to compact somewhat  but then again it's a little punchy in places...Not much to report other than to be safe out there as we're seeing some slide activity close by so don't take conditions for granted especially in the back country areas, check  conditions before trying something new always better to be safe than sorry...Peace